Resident Management Companies

A resident management company can be a party to the lease. Each leaseholder automatically becomes a member of the company when they buy their property. Thereafter, volunteer directors (generally owners) agree to act in the interest of the company. 


The RMC is usually responsible for the management of the estate and recovers the expenditure by way of a service charge. 


It is therefore the duty of the directors to ensure that the company complies with all statutory and mandatory requirements. The directors of the company can appoint a managing agent to take on this responsibility so that they are confident that the development and company is compliant in every respect.


Whether your building is currently self-managed or managed by another agent, rest assured DMS can help.


As Resident Management Companies are the core focus of the business, Tiffany and Alex appreciate that each development is different, and apply a ‘no shoe fits all’ approach. 


They work closely with directors and leaseholders (owners) to achieve mutual objectives right from the start. They also know how important it is to ensure that service charges are reasonable whilst ensuring the company is accruing reserve funds that reflect future expenditure the development will likely require. 



If you are thinking of changing agents or wish to appoint somebody, follow our ‘contact us’ page and get in touch.