Right To Manage

Leaseholders are bound by the terms defined within a lease. However, there are legal routes you can take to gain more control of your building. 


Under the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, owners have the opportunity to acquire the right to manage, which fundamentally means taking over the management functions of a Freehold-controlled development. 


If you feel that the Freeholder is overcharging for expenses such as insurance, administration costs and general maintenance or you are simply frustrated at the poor management of your development, RTM might just be the most advantageous route for you to take. 


Whatever the reason for wanting to take control of your building, DMS is here to help. Prescribed procedure and qualifications need to be followed in order to make a claim and subsequently acquire the Right To Manage. 


We appreciate the process may be daunting and onerous, so why not contact us for further advice?  You just might be surprised at how easy the process is and the long-term benefits associated.